Council meetings, and meaty men.

After a long night of rest we pick up with our adventurers out side of the War & Roses Inn. Zaira had decided to commune with nature to expel her troubles from the prior night. Our adventurers were unsure if she had fully recovered from the prior night. However, they had decided to that the fist thing that they should do is keep their ears to the ground. That not being as fruitful as they had hoped it would be, our band decided to check back at the scene of the prior nights events.

Once they made their way back to the bar of the Inn, the group noticed a dilapidated sign on the door that read “Close for Maintanance”. Being the determined types, they decided to try the door, this was to no avail. Next they knocked, this too was a failure. After a few attempts of knocking, shouting “We Divine Dragon” and, finally a failed lock picking attempt by Kira, Anisley was successful at unlocking the door. They finally entered back into the bar of the War and Roses Inn.

As they entered, they noticed that the place had looked as it did before their little brawl. This was much to their surprise. They decided to have a look around, looking for the body and where Morn was holding the others prisoner. As they entered the meat locker behind the bar, some of them noticed the body of the noble. As our group searched the body once again, they noticed nothing new. Not happy with this either the adventurers would decide to check the only other door that they had seen. Unfortunately it was locked, with no visible way to unlock the door..

Sora was determined to check what was behind that door, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. She wound back and slammed right through the door, only to find the room dark with a single hulking figure. The figure was a startled Morn with a club in her hand. The party had no idea that they were breaking into the room of their host. An awkward questioning of Morn ensued, this too got our adventurers no where. As they took their exit, they noticed a stand with a hulking set of armor, with traditional Orc markings on it.

We next catch them on their way to the building for the Council. They soon arrived at the gaudy building, marked by pillars of gold and brass colored walls. Once they entered into the high archway of the building, they were greeted by an impatient Halfling behind the ornate gold desk. Kira grew impatient with the impatient Halfling and, decided to slink away from him and her friends to see the Council on her own. Sora managed to detain the Halfling in a bear hug, after he noticed the disappearance of the Tabaxi Kira.

Kira entered the chambers of the cities Council, a large auditorium that had coliseum style seating around a large marble table. The seats around the table were filled with the cities aristocrats, and the table itself held four seats, in which sat an Male Gnome, a Male Orc, a Human Female, and a Human Male. After the crowd and the council noticed the arrival of the out of place Kira the Gnome councilman greeted her kindly, asking her what she needed. Kira not being used to so many eyes on her stumbled through the information she had, as well as the information she wanted. She found the Orc man to be the head of the council, he would eventually tell our adventurers his name, Normen.

Normen was the only one on the council to react to the name “Bonesman”, only giving a subtle change in his expression. He would reveal the wristlet taken from the nobleman to be a mark of the Thieves Guild, and that she should be careful the man she had taken that from and his contacts would be after that symbol and her head for stealing it from the nobleman.

After Kira divulged the information to the party they all decided to wait outside the council building to see if anyone would notice them, or if they noticed anyone else. Normen did walk up to them that evening, and after a brief conversation with him they deiced to meet at the War & Roses Inn later that night.

Normen who seemed to know the owner of the Inn Morn, would give them more information on the “Bonesman”. He would tell them that not only was the “Bonesman” taking women, he is also taking children as well as men. They also played with the notion of the Thieves Guild being involved. This made them want to take action. After the meeting they decided it would be best to see if they could nonchalantly find any members of the Thieves Guild in the Inn, this however was fruitless. That being the case our adventurers decided to hit the streets this night. The group split up and took two different paths, one going towards a seedy area of the city, the others decided to checkout the market square.

Sora and Ainsley headed toward a seedy part of the city. As they wondered around a slum area they happened upon a bar, Sora thought it best to make herself sultry bait for the “Bonesman” as Ainsley stayed outside to watch. As Sora entered the bar, she was greeted by a plain and empty interior with a group of burly men around a single table, and a big shirtless man at the bar cleaning a glass.Sora would ham it up and flaunted the goods, but the men didn’t seem interested. As all this was going on, Ainsley outside the bar, noticed the name of the establishment “MANS MAN”.

We find Kira and Rem in the market square, Kira upon the rooftops and Rem on the ground. Everything seemed calm, until from behind the “Ye old Taco Stand” a figure shambled out of the darkness and went to strike Rem. They hadn’t seen anything like this before, a human who looked like they had been torn and sewed back together many times. With a few fumbles they took care of the zombie, this however left Rem bloody.

As the others left “MANS MAN” bar, Ainsley herd something out of the normal, she lit the alleyway and reviled two walkers coming towards them. Sora lit one of them on fire with her dragons breath, and Ainsley blew the other one up through the power of her god. They too got to see the zombie bodies.

Rem had herd the loud roar from an alleyway, knowing it to be Sora she decided to run towards it to meet up with the others. However Kira feeling flustered at her skill during the combat, wanted to find the source of this zombie. She followed the winding, shambling path of ooze all the way to a barn outside the city walls. She tried opening the door to no avail, she then noticed light from between the boards on one of the walls. She tried to pry them apart but wasn’t able to. After a moment she peered into the dark barn, seeing wisps of light and noticing a foul smell. At this point she thought it best to meet back up with the others.

As they all came together near a large brick shack, one of them noticed something strange marked on the edge of one of the large bricks. It was symbol scratched into the side, one that they were becoming increasingly aware of. A circle with three scratches inside of it…

The Brawl, and Decree.
This is where it begins

The night started out like any other night at the War and Roses Inn, drinking, dancing, eating and general merriment. However the night would take a turn upon the arrival of five men. The men entered in a casual fashion, drawling the attention of very few of the Inn’s attendance. Only after three of them split off to walk towards the corner of the Inn did the night get interesting.

Our adventurers found themselves enjoying the night, until they had seen the men harassing a half-elf woman in the corner of the Inn. Rem overheard the men harassing the wood-elf, and drunkenly stumbled over to them to “help” solve the issue. Upon hearing Rem talking to the men another one of their compatriots also decided to find out what the issue was. After seeing that Rem was drunk and, above all else a filthy tiefling, the man who identified himself as a city guard decided he had had enough. He tried to take the half-elf woman under his custody, however Ainsley had different plans, she used her warhammer to sweep the “guard’s” feet out from underneath of him.

Whilst this was all about to happen Sora kept her wits about her and watched, waiting to see what else might happen. Right next to her Kira was keeping the fifth man occupied… This was only after a failed pickpocket and some light flirting, he was a noble and a sap for her “Kitten eyes”. She could not keep his attention once the brawl had started, the women had picked a fight to help another who would later be reviled to be Zaira.

The men were apparently there to find a woman to “Have a good time with.” as the guard would put it, after being integrated. He also reviled that the “Bonesman” offered them this “good time”. Our group was sickened by this and decided he needed to part with his arm. Even with this the only casualty of the night was the noble. As Kira checked the dead mans pockets she found a wristlet bearing a gold shaped disk with three angled scratches in red, it being shiny she took it.

In the end they were successful, gaining the attention of the owner of the Inn Morn, who gave the the compliment of “You do good work, good work.”. She offered them protection from the brawl by saying “I take care this”, and slid them a decree from the Queen. The decree was looking for information on the lost, and for any information to be brought to the council. Morn left them with the decree and a few gold coins while repeating “We Divine Dragon.”.

This is where this nights adventure ended, but really it would only be the beginning.


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