The Brawl, and Decree.

This is where it begins

The night started out like any other night at the War and Roses Inn, drinking, dancing, eating and general merriment. However the night would take a turn upon the arrival of five men. The men entered in a casual fashion, drawling the attention of very few of the Inn’s attendance. Only after three of them split off to walk towards the corner of the Inn did the night get interesting.

Our adventurers found themselves enjoying the night, until they had seen the men harassing a half-elf woman in the corner of the Inn. Rem overheard the men harassing the wood-elf, and drunkenly stumbled over to them to “help” solve the issue. Upon hearing Rem talking to the men another one of their compatriots also decided to find out what the issue was. After seeing that Rem was drunk and, above all else a filthy tiefling, the man who identified himself as a city guard decided he had had enough. He tried to take the half-elf woman under his custody, however Ainsley had different plans, she used her warhammer to sweep the “guard’s” feet out from underneath of him.

Whilst this was all about to happen Sora kept her wits about her and watched, waiting to see what else might happen. Right next to her Kira was keeping the fifth man occupied… This was only after a failed pickpocket and some light flirting, he was a noble and a sap for her “Kitten eyes”. She could not keep his attention once the brawl had started, the women had picked a fight to help another who would later be reviled to be Zaira.

The men were apparently there to find a woman to “Have a good time with.” as the guard would put it, after being integrated. He also reviled that the “Bonesman” offered them this “good time”. Our group was sickened by this and decided he needed to part with his arm. Even with this the only casualty of the night was the noble. As Kira checked the dead mans pockets she found a wristlet bearing a gold shaped disk with three angled scratches in red, it being shiny she took it.

In the end they were successful, gaining the attention of the owner of the Inn Morn, who gave the the compliment of “You do good work, good work.”. She offered them protection from the brawl by saying “I take care this”, and slid them a decree from the Queen. The decree was looking for information on the lost, and for any information to be brought to the council. Morn left them with the decree and a few gold coins while repeating “We Divine Dragon.”.

This is where this nights adventure ended, but really it would only be the beginning.


ZeroTehRay ZeroTehRay

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